Saturday, July 26, 2014

today's musings

The gates to the soul are closely guarded
Hypothetically hidden within.
Yet, how do we unlock a gate with no door?
That is the mystery that has been plaguing us down the years:
Sages stumped by sequestered consciousness.
I have gone deep within
Dived to the bottom and back.
Yet, I have not found what I seek.
I have delved through ponderous tomes
The secret just dancing at the edge of my ears.
Hidden melodies plucking at my heartstrings.
Angelic musings coupled with demonic frenzy.
I pray and plead to every God/dess imaginable.
Show me the way!
I’m a poor wayfaring stranger lost in strange lands.
Washed up on flotsam and jetsam on golden sands.
Judge me not till you’ve walked the paths I’ve trod.
Preach to someone else about your views of God.
Daydreaming darkly and nightmarishly light,
Fevers rage and burn beneath the calm at night.
There must be an answer to this quest.
Tell me it was not all in vain.
Give meaning and purpose to my pain.
I’ve demurely gone along
And fought like hell, tooth and nail.
It seems that neither works at all
Humans, I just can’t tell.
What is required of me
What do you need?
What words must I say
What quiet must I breed?
What will make you happy?
What will calm the storm?
What will bring lasting peace?
What will soothe the soul forlorn?
Barely balmed by Borealic beauty.
The way my mind dances madly whirling
Jumping and twirling
Dervishly unfurling
Grasping gangly towards the heavens
Digging dementedly towards the hidden Earth.
Bucolic dancing taratellically beneath the moon.
At once an answer thunders from on high loud as tumbling downwards flower petals.
This is the dance in this moment, and there are myriads of truths
Reflected in the blackness of the vast night sky.
Seek no more and be the vessel to receive divine insight.
This is thy right oh child of man and the stars.

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